Where to Sell and Make Money: A Comparison of Poshmark, eBay, & Mercari

Poshmark Best Selling Brands 2020

Where to Sell and Make Money: A Comparison of Poshmark, eBay, and Mercari

This late spring I’m posting a progression of articles zeroed in on moving beyond the regular summer deals droop. A month ago I presented How on Instill Confidence in Your Online Buyers on the grounds that tending to a purchaser’s feelings of trepidation and inspirations will help improve your deals. One proposal I referenced is selling on the correct stage for you and your purchasers.

I’ve been selling on three stages for a couple of years at this point. I’ve developed more experienced with selling and the stages have likewise changed. All things considered, I chose to compose a refreshed correlation of Poshmark, eBay, and Mercari to assist you with choosing which stage, assuming any, is best for you.

Revelation: This post contains partner joins. This implies that I may get remuneration when you click on an item connection or buy a thing connected on this site. Snap here for subtleties.



This examination depends on both my experience as a merchant and what I’ve perused and gotten with different venders. My own experience depends on having a little storage room of 50-60 things accessible at one at once of my initial selling. At that point I did a test and supported that number to well more than 100 things accessible at a time and have kept up it since.


Poshmark is my principle selling stage. I generally sell and infrequently purchase things on it. Here my essential spotlight is on highlights as they identify with selling.



Poshmark is social. You offer and remark on postings, welcome new Poshers, share things to gatherings, and host virtual gatherings. You can even host genuine Poshmark parties and go to Poshmark occasions in your city.

Sharing likewise brings about more introduction of your postings. You impact who sees and the number of individuals see your postings.

No expense and simple to list! You can list the same number of things as you need. Anything is possible.

Simply snap pictures on your telephone, type or talk your portrayal, click a couple of catches, and you’re finished. You can list things in no time flat or less once you have a framework set up.

Many, many selling highlights. You can offer limits when individuals purchase various things from you, offer private limits to the individuals who like your things, and offer your things straightforwardly to individuals’ changing areas.

Poshmark offers free verification on extravagance things sold for $500 or more. This gives purchasers more certainty to make large buys that they in any case wouldn’t change.












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