This spring’s big fashion trend – 12 stylish garments with shoulder pads

This spring's big fashion trend - 12 stylish garments with shoulder pads

The marked shoulders are big in focus when the spring fashion 2021 is approaching. Here we list 12 stylish garments with shoulder pads that you can click home right now.

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Many people associate shoulder pads with the 80s and 90s because they shaped fashion in an important way. Now the shoulder pads are making their entrance again – and of course we suggest how you can best embrace one of spring’s biggest trends.

Tank top with shoulder pads

Black Top With Shoulder Pads

The linen with marked shoulders is a trendy garment in the spring of 2021. We like this stylish cotton linen in black. Available for purchase for SEK 199.

Dress with marked shoulders

Blue Dress With Shoulder Pads

Beautiful patterned dress with shoulder pads and puff sleeves. Available in more colors and patterns. You can find it here for SEK 499.

Sweatshirt with wide shoulders

Awesome looking and trendy sweatshirt sweater in pastel yellow. The shirt is available for sale at H&M and costs only SEK 99.

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Jacket with shoulder pads

Black Jacket With Shoulder Pads

Make a statement! This awesome looking jacket has visibly marked shoulders and we really like it. Buy this for SEK 799.

Linen with shoulder pads

Boxy tank top with marked shoulders from & Other Stories. The linen will be yours for SEK 190 here.

Wrap blouse with marked shoulders

Purple Wrap Blouse With Shoulder Pads

Cute wrap blouse in trendy style from NA-KD. The blouse has shoulder pads and large puff sleeves. Buy this for SEK 399.

Leather blazer with shoulder pads

Burgundy Blazer With Shoulder Pads

The imitation leather blazer is a trendy garment. Add shoulder pads and you get two trends for the price of one. The jacket will be yours for only SEK 449.

Polo shirt with shoulder pads

Glittering polo shirt in a figure-hugging model. The wide shoulders are really the icing on the cake. Right now you get a 30 percent discount.

Jacket with wide shoulders

Jacket in wonderful pink that gives you the trendy square silhouette in one go. The jacket comes from & Other Stories and costs SEK 1,750 here.

Fluffy sweater with marked shoulders

Cream Sweater With Shoulder Pads

Cute fluffy sweater from NA-KD with sewn-on shoulder pads. Buy this for SEK 399.

Knitted cardigan with shoulder pads

V-neck ribbed cardigan with upholstered buttons and trendy marked shoulders. Click it home for SEK 790 here.

Jacket with strongly marked shoulders

For those who dare, this jacket is a real show stopper that is guaranteed to generate a wow effect. Check it out here.

What are shoulder pads?

Shoulder pads are two small cushions, usually made of foam rubber or cotton wool, that are attached to the inside of the shoulders of a garment. The shoulder pads then give the illusion that the person wearing the garment has broad shoulders.

The popularity of Axelvadden during the 80’s

Shoulder pads have long been used by tailors in design construction because it helped the garment (usually a men’s jacket) to keep its shape. In addition to the technical aspect, the shoulder pad has actually been given other functions. Among other things as a component in women’s struggle for equality.

The shoulder pad was a means used by women to compete with men in working life. Built-in broad shoulders in the jacket radiated power and strength, something that women needed to be able to advance in the male-dominated labor market in the 80s.

The popular broad shoulders soon became part of the cultural world, when artists such as Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson embraced the trend. ‘The bigger the better‘became the motto for the broad shoulders. There was a great demand for garments with sewn-on shoulder pads and that is why the garments in the shops were designed. Thierry Mugler, one of the most famous fashion designers of the 80’s, often incorporated excessively wide and pointed shoulders in his creations, which accelerated the battle for the most desirable shoulders.

Shoulder pads put the silhouette in focus

Those really wide shoulders are highlighted extra well with a really narrow waist. In 2020, we saw many garments with belts at the waist. The marked waist is still popular, but just when it comes to the marked shoulders, we see, in 2021, a boxy and ‘square’ silhouette. You can also create exciting contrasts by investing in very close-fitting garments at the bottom and the square box at the top. For example, by matching the boxy jacket with a tight long dress or a pair of leggings.

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