The white dress is a must in the spring of 2021 – that’s how you style it!

The white dress is a must in the spring of 2021 - that's how you style it!

The fashion spring and summer season in 2021 has a brightly shining protagonist – the white dress. But how do you really style it best?

The spring and summer of 2021 have a key garment that you need to remember. The white dress, preferably in a slightly longer model, will undoubtedly be an important garment to have in the wardrobe.

A knitted dress, a shirt dress, an a-line dress, a gala dress, a case dress or a dreamy summer dress – it actually does not matter, as long as the dress is white! How to style this fashion trend? Here you get five looks that you can twist straight off.

Styling 1: Over pants

In 2021, it is so nice to style the dress over trousers. In this look, we have chosen a pair of light jeans, but it is at least as nice to style the white dress over, for example, a pair of leather pants or a pair of patterned leggings. An advantage of this look is that you can wear it when it is still a bit chilly outside. Replace the open heels with a pair of boots and you can sneak start the trend right now!

  1. White knitted dress from Adoore – buy here.
  2. Light jeans from Arket – buy here.
  3. Sandals with heels from & Other Stories – buy here.
  4. Oversize jacket from Arket – buy here.
  5. Teddy bag from COS – buy here.

Styling 2: Bohemiskt

The long bohemian dress is incredibly stylish and trendy just the way it is. Maybe it’s the ultimate summer dress that makes us dream away to an idyllic midsummer where you run barefoot across a meadow with flowers in your hair, or? If, on the other hand, you want to embrace the bohemian romantic in a look, choose a pair of flat sandals, natural materials, feminine jewelry and a natural makeup. You get extra style points if you wear the white dress under a vest.

  1. White long dress from & Other Stories – buy here.
  2. Sandals from NA-KD – buy here.
  3. West from Arket – buy here.
  4. Earring from Blue Billie – buy here.
  5. Lip oil from Clarins – buy here.
  6. Straw hat from & Other Stories – buy here.

Styling 3: Festive

We see many elegant white dresses in 2021. Maybe because we are all so starved at times where we are allowed to dress up? It is common for fashion trends to develop in this way, as a kind of escapism from everyday life. So do not save on gunpowder, think gala and the red carpet and you will fix the look in one go.

  1. White halterneck dress from Gina Tricot – buy here.
  2. Tuxedo jacket from H&M – buy here.
  3. Sandals with heels from NA-KD – buy here.
  4. Envelope bag from COS – buy here.
  5. Earrings from Lily & Rose – buy here.
  6. Bracelet from Cornelia Webb – buy here.
  7. BeautyAct Mania Eyeshadow Quad – buy here.

Styling 4: Rockigt

This look is definitely a favorite! The cute short dress in cotton in contrast to the tough styling is really interesting. It is a look that breathes festival hangouts and concerts – something we hope to be able to visit again in the year 2021.

  1. White dress from Arket – buy here.
  2. Leather boots from & Other Stories – buy here.
  3. Scarf from By Malene Birger – buy here.
  4. BeautyAct Liquid Lipstick Espresso Nude – buy here.
  5. Necklace from Maria Nilsdotter – buy here.
  6. Black sunglasses from NA-KD – buy here.

Styling 5: Hang out at home

The white dress is without a doubt a garment with many strings on its lyre. This cozy look exudes luxurious loungewear and we are happy to spend a cozy evening at home in this ensemble. Change your slippers and soft pants to a pair of sneakers and you’re ready for a day out on the town.

  1. White shirt dress from H&M – buy here.
  2. Cable knit vest from & Other Stories – buy here.
  3. Ribbed soft pants from Monki – buy here.
  4. Soft slippers from Inuikii – buy here.
  5. Scrunchie from GANNI – buy here.

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