The minimalist fashion of the 90s is back – so you fix the look

The minimalist fashion of the 90s is back - so you fix the look

You do not have to have a wardrobe with hundreds of expensive garments to get that timelessly minimalist look, which is so associated with the 90s. 10 well-chosen garments are enough – which can vary endlessly!

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The minimalist 90s are making a comeback and are predicted to be one of the big trends this spring. We can only rejoice. Here we list (the only) 10 key garments you need to rock the fashion trend!

The white shirt

It is not possible to talk about the minimalist wardrobe without mentioning the white shirt. A basic item that everyone should have in their wardrobe. This garment if anything can be varied to infinity.

We like this poplin shirt from Arket. You can find it here for SEK 490.

2. Oversized boxy suit

Okay, let’s be honest. We have cheated a bit with this list because the suit is technically two garments … but they are used so often in the same look that we have to talk about the suit as an entity when we talk about the minimalist fashion. Choose a suit in a straight model and earthy tone for the highest trend effect. Wear a polo shirt or a bandeau top.

Purple Suit Pants

Two-piece suit in the trendy color taupe from NA-KD. The pants are available for purchase here and the jacket is available for purchase here.

3. Tank top

This linen is, to say the least, a versatile player in your 90s wardrobe. Wear jeans, capri pants, long skirts, miniskirts or bermuda shorts. Wear it just as it is, under a large jacket, a leather blazer, a thin cardigan or a white cotton shirt.

Ribbed linen that is available for purchase in lots of nice colors. Comes from Gina Tricot and costs only SEK 129.

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4. Figure-hugging miniskirt

Channel your inner Rachel Green from the TV series ‘Friends’ and you will wear the miniskirt with gusto. This garment is frequently seen on paparazzi images of the 90’s most famous profiles as well as on fictional characters in the 90’s most popular TV series. The miniskirt can simply not be counted out.

Structurally woven miniskirt with a high waist and slit made of durable material. It will be yours for only SEK 590 here.

5. Leather jacket in straight model

So, if this garment is not for your thoughts on Julia Robert’s character Anna Scott from the romantic comedy ‘Notting Hill’, so I do not know what. A leather jacket, or blazer in a straight model is a must for those who want to sport the minimalist 90s fashion this spring.

Black Maxi Oversize Pu-Kavaj

Straight blazer in imitation leather with large strokes from NA-KD. Only SEK 699 here.

6. The tube dress

The tube dress is thus simply a body-hugging dress that gets its name from the tube-like shape garment it has when it hangs on the hanger. The dress can have a band or be in a so-called strapless bandeau model. The garment can also breathe 90s if the dress has a high cut in the neck, but a deeper cut in the back. Yes, the tube dress is a dress that can be worn in many different variants and we love every single one of them!

Brown Midi Dress With Thin Straps

Wonderful nude-colored dress in jersey fabric with thin ribbons. You can find it here for SEK 349.

7. Long denim skirt

The long denim skirt is definitely a must. It feels really cool and really 90s. Match with a finely knitted polo shirt, a leather blazer and sandals with a square toe for a really classic 90s look.

Blue Denimkjol

Long denim skirt with slit at the front from Mango. Costs SEK 399 here.

8. Fine knit polo shirt

The polo shirt is a basic garment that has been around for several decades. It is especially nice for the short miniskirt or under a boxy oversize suit á la 90s Jil Sander.

Black fine knit polo shirt from H&M. Available in several colors and costs only SEK 149.

9. Capri pants

Another staple from Rachel Green’s wardrobe is the capri pants. The trousers were introduced in the 50’s by the fashion house Pucci and are named after the Italian resort of Capri. What distinguishes the trousers is their length. Capri pants are sometimes also called seed pirate pants.

Stylish capri pants in black from Gina Tricot. Right now you can click them home for only 120 kronor.

10. Thin ribbed cardigan

A thin cardigan is often seen over small satin dresses in pictures from the 90s. You can also wear it just as it is for low-cut pants and show a small part of the abdomen. Britney Spears wore a gray thin cardigan over a knotted shirt and a short pleated skirt in the famous 90’s music video for the song ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ at the end of the decade.Gray Recycled Rib Knitted Cardigan

A thin rib knit gray cardigan in a short model from NA-KD. You can find it here for SEK 399.

Do not forget the accessories

Do you want to take your minimalist 90’s look to new levels? Then complete with these accessories that achieved icon status in the 90s.

  1. Round earrings in gold from NA-KD – buy here for SEK 99.
  2. Leather sandals with square toe from Arket – buy here for SEK 1,750.
  3. Baguette bag in nylon from NA-KD – buy here for SEK 299.
  4. Thin sunglasses in black from NA-KD – buy here for SEK 149.
  5. Berets in wool from & Other Stories – buy here for SEK 250.

Do you need inspiration?

To really get a grip on the minimalist 90s fashion, Google is your best friend. Here we suggest some awesome googlings that will give you the best style inspiration for your mood board. There are of course many many more style icons and iconic designers from this era, but we have collected some of our favorites. Complete with your own.

Fashion house to google:

  1. Gucci (Tom Ford)
  2. Jil Sander
  3. The Row (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s fashion empire)
  4. Old celine

Fictional characters to google:

  1. Buffy Summers played by Sarah Michelle Gellar in the TV series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’
  2. Marge Sherwood played by Gwyneth Paltrow in the film ‘The Talented Mr.Ripley’
  3. Rachel Green played by Jennifer Aniston in the TV series ‘Friends’
  4. Anna Scott played by Julia Roberts in the film ‘Notting Hill’
  5. Mary Jensen played by Cameron Diaz in the film ‘There’s Something About Mary’
  6. Kat Stratford played by Julia Stiles in the film ’10 Things I Hate About You’

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