Stylish spring jackets – which you can click home for under 900 kronor

Stylish spring jackets - which you can click home for under 900 kronor

There is still a lot of snow and sleet outside the window, but soon spring 2021 is here! Join us when we list this year’s trendiest spring jackets.

The Statement trench coat is a strong key garment for spring! So, if you do not already have a trench in the closet, then it is high time to acquire one. Feel free to invest in a coat in a sweeter size or oversize model. This beauty comes from Gina Tricot. Click home it belongs for SEK 799.

PSST! The trench coat is such a classic and timeless garment that we can promise that you will enjoy it for more seasons.

Spring jacket: Denim jacket

Mid Blue Oversize Denimjacka

The denim jacket is a sure sign of spring. Give yourself some spring feelings by clicking home this classic variant of the denim jacket. It’s just so good looking! Shop this for only SEK 599.

Spring jacket: Leather jacket

Black Maxi Oversize Pu-Kavaj

Leather is one of spring’s trendiest materials when it comes to fashion! We like this jacket in imitation leather. You can find it here for SEK 699.

Spring jacket: Teddy jacket

Zebra Jacket

In the early spring, when it’s still a bit chilly outside, this teddy jacket is a real dream. The striped pattern is just so nice! Only SEK 699 here.

Spring jacket: Outdoor jacket

Olive Green Utility Zip Jacket

Outdoor and outdoor life is a recurring theme in the spring of 2021! Invest in a real outdoor jacket in a mossy forest green color. It will be yours for SEK 649.

Spring jacket: Padded vest

Black Padded Vest In Pu

The vest is a garment that will remain from the year 2020! We thank you for that – we love the padded vest. Available to buy here for SEK 699.

Spring jacket: Quilted jacket

Beige Quilted Short Jacket

A short quilted jacket in a light, fresh color is a top choice for spring. It will be yours for only SEK 699 here.

Spring jacket: Rain jacket

It happens that it rains even in the spring and summer months in Sweden. Prepare yourself by clicking home a stylish rain jacket. This one comes from Lindex and costs SEK 599 here.

Spring jacket: Overshirt

Checked Checkered Jacket In Wool Blend

An overshirt is the perfect middle ground between a spring jacket and a regular shirt. We love this checkered variant from NA-KD. Here you can shop it for SEK 899.

Spring jacket: Short coat

Black Short Coat

There can be nothing wrong with a stylish thin coat. In the spring, we are happy to choose one in a shorter model. This stylish jacket is available in several colors. Buy this for SEK 799.

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